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Air-ev Productions®:

Air-ev Productions is a music content and services company that classifies its business into four areas: Recorded Music, Music Publishing, Music Education and Music Performance. An independent (indie) music company, founded in 1994, Air-ev is not now and never has been an offshoot or otherwise part of any other organization or group within or outside of the music industry.

Air-ev Productions promotes "music as a living thing" and fosters unique training and performance opportunities in music through the works of Norman Bolter and Dr. Carol Viera. To help serve this purpose, Air-ev publishes printed music and recordings by Norman Bolter and music studies by Mr. Bolter and Dr. Viera, many of which can be ordered from the online Catalogue of this website or through our retailers and distributors. Furthermore, Air-ev offers both a home base and various levels of support to the Frequency Band® as part of its education and performance element.

Air-ev Productions is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) and is an affiliate of the Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA).

Over the past sixteen years, our music has been performed throughout the United States, as well as in Australia, Continental Europe, Japan, New Zealand, South America and the United Kingdom, and it has been heard on recordings throughout the world. Frequency Band workshops also have been conducted around the USA and abroad.

The instructional exercises and other texts have developed as a direct result of Mr. Bolter and Dr. Viera's years of experience in teaching and coaching and in pioneering their Frequency Band way and style.

In all of its recordings, Air-ev seeks to preserve the "live" quality that is a vital part of "essence music" (music as a living thing). In Fall 1998, Air-ev released its first two recordings of Norman Bolter's compositions: "Experiments in Music," a complete, unedited recording of a live Frequency Band concert, and "Anew at Home," a recording featuring Norman Bolter performing a sampling of his works for solo trombone. This latter recording was produced with a minimum number of edits--some pieces having only one edit--to preserve the essenc-ial live quality. So, what we are saying is that technical exactness does not dictate over "live" musical performance! Nevertheless, a standard of high quality still can be and is maintained. We have continued this way and style in our subsequent recordings, "Occurrences" and "In Living Continuance," released in Fall and Winter 2002, and "Phoenix," released Spring 2009. Also, we are in the process of putting together a number of new recordings, to be released in CD and MP3 formats.

But what else is Air-ev besides a publishing and promotions house? What is it in the living sense of the word, because, like many other endeavors, it's more than an office space and an administrative vehicle. Well, what it also is is a vision and a hope and a belief and it has a mission. And, to us, like the music, it's a living thing as much as it is anything else. To take a peek inside of this living aspect, let's start with the name.

The Air-ev name is about air evolving, expanding, unfolding; it's about space and air to breathe and a place to grow. Air(e) also means 'song' and Air-ev does what it does through music--music itself being a healing balm and relief. And in and around all of this, Air-ev also means the ev-olution of song (music) with new music being the only music sold, new ideas about music being an important part of texts being sold and new recordings being the only recordings sold (all publications being composed/written by Norman Bolter and Carol Viera). The purpose? To renew and refresh the lives of musicians and those others drawn to this approach (because Air-ev also has many fans who are not musicians) and, hopefully, to play a part in fostering a better world in general.

Air-ev's vision and purpose, in brief, is to offer a safe and healing haven, serving humans and music along the high road to personal growth and purposeful art. Air-ev offer services, support and resources to musicians (and other like-minded individuals) in a particular way and style not being done anywhere else. In addition to the music, CDs and texts, this is done through Frequency Band concerts, live and teleconference workshops and retreats, the FB-forum (an e-mail forum available to Frequency Band participants) and on Facebook.

Air-ev is also an anagram of "Viera." And so, the Air-ev vision is also the personal vision of its owner, Dr. Carol Viera, about which she says, "I hope to pioneer now and leave beyond my lifetime, as an important part of my own legacy, a vision that inspires and fosters a new way in music that keeps alive an ancient and enduring purpose and sentiment, simply this: to honor and uphold the value of the individual and to make the world a better place, a more unified, tolerant and accepting place, for humans now and for those who will follow."

The Team:

Carol and   NormanOver the past seventeen years, Norman Bolter and Carol Viera have challenged student and professional musicians from around the world to 'break out' of their habitual ideas about themselves and their music in order to discover, explore and activate new possibilities yet untapped in their lives and music making experiences. These Frequency Band master classes, workshops, and concerts, focused on "music as a living thing" and each musician's deliberate self inclusion in this process, have been acclaimed by students, colleagues, audiences and the press here and abroad, and the achievements of those who have received this training--including outstanding performances, recordings and positions secured in leading orchestras and universities--speak for themselves.



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