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"Norman Bolter and Carol Viera opened our sense of awareness far beyond the mechanics of pitch, rhythm and balance.
...we found ourselves listening and sensing the music in a much more meaningful way."

- Michael Levine, Founder and Director, Dallas Brass

"I have time and again been stunned by Carol's insights, skills and ability to coach me in a way that is 'tailor made' for me
... what I 'can do' and what I am like. To actually feel that someone else wants my life to bloom and succeed
has offered me comfort and the strength to 'just keep going.'"

- Tina Schaefer, Jazz Singer, Denmark

What is Coaching?

By "coaching," Norman Bolter and Carol Viera mean three things, each approached from their individual expertise yet all embracing a Frequency Band way and style:

1. Music Coaching with Norman Bolter. On the surface, this would appear to be the type of "coaching" familiar to most musicians. Mr. Bolter assists an individual or ensemble in refining their playing around a particular piece or program of music. But expect surprises! Norman Bolter's Frequency Band approach explores ways and means not found anywhere else. Enjoy! Mr. Bolter also offers Clinics and Private Lessons.

2. Personal and Professional (Life) Coaching with Dr. Carol Viera. Dr. Viera's work is to "personal and professional (or life) coaching" what Norman Bolter's work is to "music coaching." You've heard the words, understand the basic principles and practices, but the Frequency Band ingredient transports the experience into a dimension not found elsewhere. Dr. Viera offers coaching (which she calls "psycho-educational mentoring") exclusively to performing artists, making her approach especially valuable to musicians. To read more about Dr. Viera's background and specific professional interests, please visit her bio page.

3. Team Coaching with Norman Bolter and Carol Viera. Mr. Bolter and Dr. Viera as a team coach groups (and sometimes individuals), each coming from their own areas of expertise. As examples, individuals challenged by focal dystonia or chamber groups wanting to advance their music-making or move out of a rut may find this team coaching approach particularly interesting and useful.


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