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Trombone, Brass, Early Brass:

Online Trombone Journal

The Online Trombone Journal is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing free access to quality information about the trombone and the people who play it. Founder, webmaster and publisher Dr. Richard Human Jr. and his team do an impressive job maintaining an online journal and providing a huge resource to trombonists at all levels.

Douglas Yeo's Website
Boston Symphony Orchestra bass trombonist Douglas Yeo's award winning website offers over 350 pages of free information, articles and resources for trombonists and other musicians. Doug is a long-time supporter of colleague Norman Bolter and his music and has performed and recorded Norman's music. Also of note is Doug's interest in and support of British Brass Bands (he is the Music Director of the New England Brass Band) and brass precursor, the serpent (Doug is also an avid serpentist).

Ronald Barron's Website
Boston Symphony Orchestra principal trombonist Ronald Barron's personal website showcases his recordings, articles and recital/master class schedule.

Brian Kay's Website
Bass trombonist Brian Kay's website offers information of interest to trombonists of all levels, including a new and growing section on early brass (Brian himself is a wonderful sackbut player). His site also hosts the homepage of the Apollo Brass Quartet.

Kids and Beginners (Trombone and Brass):

Online Trombone Journal
The Online Trombone Journal has an inspiring and useful "Just for Beginners" section, with articles, resources, a JFB forum and new music. Norman Bolter composed a piece "The Joy in Being Able" commissioned especially for this section of the OTJ. You can download this free music in pdf format and also play along with the MIDI file of piano accompaniment provided. Enjoy!

Brian Kay's Website
Brian Kay's website has a bright and engaging "Especially for Kids" section with sound files, recommended CDs, links for kids, news about his own students' accomplishments and more.

Special Help and Counseling:

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While online counseling is not a substitute for face to face help, it can be an excellent support in times of need when distance and other limiting factors of face to face counseling might prevent someone from getting help. is an established online counseling service that has been around for some time. There also are many individual therapists offering online counseling independently. For individual recommendations, contact Dr. Viera.

Copyright and Licensing:

Every musician who is performing and recording music which is *not* in the public domain (as one example, the music of a living composer is not in the public domain) must be informed about and comply with laws governing these activities, for your own protection, for the protection of the copyrighted music and its creator and for the securing of our musical heritage. Be proactive and find out more now.

Copyright Website
Very information and humorous treatment of a serious, and often boring, topic. You will have an amazingly good time while bringing yourself up to speed on a topic no serious musician can afford not to know about these day. The future of music depends on it, actually. Pay them a visit and, believe it or not, enjoy! (Note: We are not an affiliate and make no money from recommending their or any other site on this page.)

Harry Fox Agency
The Harry Fox Agency is a premiere music licensing agency. Here you will find everything you want to know about music licensing (and more). This is an especially important source of information for those wanting to make recordings or in need of other mechanical licensing information. I don't find these folks to be especially user-friendly (understatement), but they have the goods, and I'm sure their job isn't easy. So, be informed about the legal requirements around recording music. It's important, and it's the law.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)
ASCAP (along with BMI) is a music industry leader in granting performing rights licensure. Another extremely valuable resource around copyright and licensure matters--in their case, performing licensure of all kinds, another important 'need to know' area for musicians. These people, I find, are not exactly charm school graduates either, but, since the launch of their website services, the whole process has streamlined--and with that, their moods seem to have improved. And they do provide a service vitally important to the licensure process.

Something Totally Different

Keyboard Yoga
iVilliage has a bright, engaging section on keyboard (as in 'computer' keyboard!) yoga that is simple and effective and, once learned, can be applied to any kind of sedentary situation (such as in your practice room?!). These are 'feel good' exercises. Enjoy the benefits!



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