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"Your legacy will be a new generation of thinking trombonists."
- Steve Shires, Founder, S.E. Shires Co.

Norman Bolter is known worldwide for his creative, inspiring, thought-provoking and powerfully effective teaching. His students have included not only trombonists, but French hornists, trumpeters and tubists, and many of his students hold positions in major symphony orchestras, chamber music groups and universities around the world.

Mr. Bolter embraces the individually of each person and tailors his interventions accordingly. In his own words, "My philosophy of teaching is based in the reality that there is a person behind the instrument. I look to uncover what it is that each person truly wants and work with the person in ways that, hopefully, will reconnect or strengthen their love and desire for music. I also develop, for each person, a program, and a methodical approach, according to what I have observed and believe would be beneficial to his or her artistic enrichment and growth."

Mr. Bolter's adds, "On the practical level of developing knowledge and skill, I work with a system I call the overlay system. This is based in the concept that there are three primary levels of musical and instrumental growth. I also strongly encourage each person to build their own relationship with music, a relationship that they can take with them wherever they go in life and that will never leave them."

To schedule a lesson with Norman Bolter, you can find him out there somewhere! (Our new contact form is in the making.)


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