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In furthering our wish to offer a safe and healing haven with resources and support to those who visit, we've developed a Resources area which aims to assist the whole person--not just the musical machine. This area will continue to evolve as we discover new ways to address this goal.

A note about our links: In keeping with our aim, the links cover a range of territories from general information and just plain fun (the Copyright Website is both! How weird is that?!), to views on historical and current pedagogy (for those wishing to find or refine their own views in this area through the benefit of what others have come to), to ethical and legal considerations that impact the lives of musicians everywhere (it's vital to the future of music now to be informed about these matters), to where to go when one needs special personal support (because for many people, at one time or other, the help of a counselor could make a world of difference in getting through and even benefitting from a difficult time in life), to exploring the worlds of thought and energy, worlds that affect us and our playing but may often be overlooked (including the benefits of relaxation and even keeping our inner and outer clutter under control).

Because so many of our visitors are interested in trombone and brass, we have included links that will be of special interest to trombonists and other brass players but which also offer information that can benefit all musicians.


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