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Mechanical Licensing
If You Wish to Record Music by Norman Bolter

The musical compositions in our Catalogue, works by Norman Bolter, are copyrighted. They are not in the public domain. We are delighted when people want to record this music. However, we ask that you respect our copyrights and take the simple, inexpensive steps to obtain proper licensing, which is required by law.

Please Note: if you are recording the music for "personal use," i.e., a recording for your own use (not for file sharing or sale) such as a recording of a recital, or a recording for an audition or competition, no mechanical license is required. However, if you are making a commercial recording or a recording for any purpose other than "personal use" (as described above), please obtain the necessary license. Here's how:

Contact the Harry Fox Agency, which issues our mechanical licenses. You can contact them directly at HFA where they have an easy, online method for obtaining a license. Simply follow the instructions provided on their website.

Again, obtaining a mechanical license is a straightforward and inexpensive procedure and doing so offers recognition and a small compensation to the composer for his creative effort.

For more information about copyright law and licensing, please visit the Links page of this website, under Resources in the navigation.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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